Fruit Bowls

Gem, Stone, Quartz – Hand Crafted, High Density Concrete. All are hand crafted and shapes are not perfect. Each bowl has its own unique character.

Product Care: Products are sealed with a satin finish material with good heat and wear resistance, but are not suitable for harsh, acidic, chemical or abrasive cleaners – use soft cloth, or  micro fiber materials with mild cleaners.

Jade with White Quartz

Dimensions: 450 mm 370 mm wide x 130 mm high. 75 mm Internal depth.

Weight..8.45 kg

Price: Please contact for prices.

Jade Fruit Bowl Oval Top V      Jade Oval Fruit Bowl

Jade Fruit Bowl Side V


Red inset with Jasper, Tiger Iron, Mookaite, and Quartz

Dimensions: 435 mm wide x 90 mm high. 60 mm Internal depth.

Weight: 7.4 kg

Price: Please contact for prices..  Not perfect shape, but beautiful and unique one off bowl.

Red Fruit Bowl  Red Fruit Bowl Edge V

Red Fruit Side V


White Quartz with Jade

Dimensions: 340 mm wide x 85 mm high. 55 mm Internal depth.

Weight: 5.2 kg

Price: Please contact for prices.

Small Q and Jade Fruit B top  Small Jade Bowl with fruit


Smokey Quartz with white Quartz

Dimensions: 330 mm wide x 70 mm high. 45 mm Internal depth.

Weight: 4 kg

Price: Please contact for prices.

Smokey Quartz Fruit Bowl