Cupboard Doors

Quartz, gem and stone concrete cupboard doors, drawers and panels.

Unique: These doors, drawers and panels create a unique look unlike any product to date.

Options: You can choose your gem or stone you wish to have featured. For example, jade as below. Rose or smokey quartz, or Amethyst. Darker colors like Jasper or Tiger Iron are also options. Edges can be square, shaped as in this example or other profiles.

Product Care: Products are sealed with a satin finish material with good heat and wear resistance, but are not suitable for harsh, acidic, chemical or abrasive cleaners – use soft cloth, or  micro fiber materials with mild cleaners.

Pricing: $1,050.00 per m2 or part thereof. For example, a door 400 mm x 700 mm would price at $294.00. An extra cost may be added depending on the gems or stone required.

Example Below – Corner Unit with Quartz inset with Jade.

Doors, Drawers and Panels. These Doors are: W 310 mm x H 700 mm x D 18 mm including backing board, and weigh approximately 7.5 kg. They are set with three hinges.

Doors Front View   Cupboard Drawers Quartz and Jade Front V